Master FISH in Tsukiji Market!

“He thet is master of Tsukiji, will soon be master of Sushi.”


In mid-Jan, students of Authentic Sushi course


went to see Tsukiji market  , called “The kitchen of Tokyo”.




東京すしアカデミー 築地見学

      It’s been 80 years since


      Tsukiji market was founded.


  The market originally started 


     to provide Edo castle with food.








 東京すしアカデミー 築地見学2   Its history began when Tokugawa Ieyasu


    who established the Edo Shogunate


    invited fishermen from Osaka.


    Now more than 1850 tons of fishes


are traded, more than 35,000 people


visit Tsukiji market per day.


Fishes come not only from Japan


but also from overseas such as New Zealand, philippines.


Also they are shipped to overseas from Tsukiji Market.





東京すしアカデミー 築地市場見学

  It can be called a worldwide hub for


     wholesale market.


   The prices set in Tsukiji marked are


     timely reported to overseas.


The prices also affects world markets.







 Intermediate wholesalers can calculate the prices


 once they see the fishes.


 To judge good fishes, they have to train their eyes. 





東京すしアカデミー 築地見学

 The auction starts from 5AM


 is so bustling.Wholesalers


    and intermediate wholesalers


 shout each other


 to get better and cheaper fishes.











   The auction section will move to


 Toyosu this by the end of this year


 Tsukiji will keep on doing business


 as a hub for brokers and buyers.










Students go to a shrine to pray for safe and luck


on their business before visiting Market.



東京すしアカデミー 築地見学

東京すしアカデミー 波除神社









 Mr.Ishii who graduated from


    Tokyo Sushi Academy


 guides us in Tsukiji Market.



 Thanks to his connection,


 students can see the area where


    usually prohibited from coming inside.


 Thank you so much, Mr.Ishii!




東京すしアカデミー 築地見学 In Tsukiji market,


   highly evaluated by professional chefs


    provides us with fresh fishes everyday.


 Since their quality varies,


 It is one of the important job


 for Sushi chef


 to judge its quality and prices.








東京すしアカデミー 築地見学1

  Mr.Ishii taught students that


  “There are three most important points


 for Sushi chef to judge fihes-


   “Visual”, “Taste” and “Price.”


 The first and most important thing you have to judge is


 its “Visual” because your Sushi


 have to be beautiful. Customers


     judges Sushi by visual first.


 Customers who once had interested


    in your Sushi and moved by its taste,


    will surely come back. 


      Don’ t think too much about price  if you want to be a good Sushi chef.


 Those who weigh on its prices think upside down.”


 He taught the essetial of Sushi to us through fishes.



   Please watch this movie about Tsukiji market tour as well!





 The job of Sushi chef starts from judge and select fishes!
    We have to learn more and more about Sushi!
   Good luck! Sushi chefs in future!





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